Hungry Hearts was founded in 2015 by Adriene Davis a military spouse, mother, and retired school cafeteria manager. The program began when she saw a need in our community in the form of a young man begging for food for his family in the store parking lot they were sleeping in. This encounter opened Ms. Adriene's eyes and the idea for Hungry Hearts Feeding Ministry was born. 


Hungry Hearts Feeding Ministry is a 501c3 non-profit charity organization dedicated to our community by working to put a stop to the pain of hunger. Twice a week and holidays, we provide free meals in the Lawton, OK area to the elderly, homeless, our veterans, and anyone in need of just a little help to get by. We also provide clothing, personal hygiene items and yes, even a prayer for those that ask. Our goal is to be a hand up in the community. We are in beginning stages of this process, but we plan to use Hydroponics and Aquaponic systems to have those that come for a meal, raise their own vegetables and fresh fish. This system will allow the homeless that care for it to earn an income by selling their wares at the local farmer's market. We also have several annual garden plots at Cameron University, that when harvested, are used for weekly meals and given to members of the community. 


It's been a journey and it's been a struggle but if it makes a difference in just one person's life that's all that matters. In the last few years, Hungry Hearts has seen some homeless find a place of residence and obtain jobs and some become drug and alcohol free. The end goal is to help them to help themselves by educating and giving them the tools to step up and change the situation they are in. We are 100% volunteer ran and depend heavily on donations from our community - who is amazing! We love our community and without them we wouldn't be able to continue to do what we do which is no just feeding bellies but hearts too!